Quantum Electronic Systems
#5 - 4040 Bowness Road N.W.
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
T3B 3R7
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Note:  Our office will be temporarily closed until October 24, 2017.



Quantum Electronic Systems :

  • is one of the largest independent distributors of Home Automation products in Canada.
  • has over 30 years of experience in the Home Automation Industry, specializing in Powerline Carrier Technology
  • provides Powerline Carrier products for industrial, commercial and residential installations
  • works with engineers, architects, and contractors to design cost effective solutions
  • performs preliminary site surveys to assess the feasibility of Powerline Carrier applications
  • has the specialized equipment and technical expertise for the job
  • provides technical training courses on all technologies and products supplied
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Location    (Google Map)  N51.064526, W114.146075

#5 - 4040 Bowness Road N.W.    (Veteran's Place N.W.)
Calgary, Alberta,
Canada   T3B 3R7



Monday to Friday
8:00 am to 4:00 pm Mountain Time,
By Appointment Only !



Phone:  403.247.9176


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Custom Design

IR, RS232, UPB, X10 conversions, and more


Apples and Oranges ?

The differences between X10 and UPB and the advantages of UPB over other technologies



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