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We take the time to gain in-depth technical knowledge about all the products we supply.  We strive to supply excellent technical support.  We don't just sell parts !

We supply and support products from the following manufacturers:

Elk Products
Elk Products makes the powerful M1 Gold controller for security and automation.  They also make the Magic Module, as well as all the little interface circuits that are the "glue" in home automation projects.  Everything from relays to doorbell and telephone ring detectors.


Simply Automated Inc
Quality dimmers, switches, and controllers, using UPB technology.   Check out the Simply Brilliant universal dimmer/controller.



PulseWorx Lighting
PulseWorx is the brand of UPB lighting controllers from Powerline Control Systems (PCS).  These are the guys that invented and developed the UPB technology.  Their products have a 5 year warranty, the longest for any UPB devices.  They've got some great X10 to UPB converters as well as high end in-wall controllers.



X10 Pro
The end of an era......   We will no longer be stocking X10, X10 Pro and X10 compatible products.  Once our existing inventory is gone, it's gone.  It was a nice run of 30+ years.


We also carry products from other smaller manufactures, as well as custom designed products.






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IR, RS232, UPB, X10 conversions, and more


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The differences between X10 and UPB and the advantages of UPB over other technologies



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