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Technical Training

All of our courses are in-depth technical presentations.  They are designed to teach you what is really happening with the system.

These courses are not sales presentations.


RCS Controller Course 
Learn how to use Windows Event Manager (WinEVM) to control lighting systems, thermostats, relays, LCD screens, etc.  Use  powerful IF/THEN/ELSE programming to fully automate a system.

Dates:   TBA

Cost:   TBA



Powerline Carrier Course 
In depth course on what's really happening on the powerline.  See how commands are sent, and how noise can affect them.  Learn about testing the powerline and troubleshooting installations.  Oscilloscope views of actual signals on the powerline.  The course covers X10 and UPB technology.    Note, this course does not cover the UpStart software used to program UPB devices.

Dates:   TBA

Cost:   TBA


Universal Powerline Bus  (UPB) Course 
Get the most out of UpStart, the software used to program UPB devices.


Dates:   TBA

Cost:   TBA



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