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Gotta get one of these

The UPB Pocket Programmer from Simply Automated

Model  UPP-20


  • Offers the installer a convenient, handheld UPB network & device
     configuration tool
  • Reduces the need for a PC at the jobsite
  • Supports the majority of UPStart software functions
  • Identifies & sets up UPB network devices
  • Allows user to configure UPB network, change device settings & links
  • Includes trouble-shooting tools to monitor network activity
  • Supports download of software updates in the field
  • Doubles as a Computer Interface Module (CIM) allowing connection of a PC
     with UPStart to a UPB network
  • Includes power cord and a handy carrying case


Model UPP-20  UPB Pocket Programmer was developed to help installers with field configuration of UPB devices.

The Pocket Programmer reduces the need to have a PC with UPStart software and a Computer Interface Module (CIM) at every jobsite.

With the UPB Pocket Programmer, an installer can walk through a house and plug-in the tool where ever a power outlet is available. It makes configuring UPB Devices from room-to-room, quick and easy.

A simple way to test, verify, and modify UPB installations without using your laptop.





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